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Eden Jungle Lodge


  • Observation of our numerous tropical species which shelter rare varieties in the heart of our property.
  • Total immersion in the jungle to discover species of trees so amazing as the fauna living there.
  • Thanks to our panoramic terrace, facing the bay, to admire the movement of blue head parrots but also humming birds or lazy multicolors. May also be lucky to be beside howling monkeys that come to feed themselves on the trees that are in the premises but also to see how the lazy ones behave. 
  • To visit out cocoa tree where you may discover all the phases of the cocoa, from the planting up to the collection of the grain.
  • To go for a walk in the heart of a banana plantation with numerous different varieties.
  • Tour throughout our plantation with multiple local fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, lemon, mango, coco, soursop, grapefruit, passion fruit, peanut, etc.