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Eden Jungle Lodge


The area

In the heart of Bocas del Toro Archipelago, on the San Cristobal Island, located under the bay’s protection, Eden Jungle Lodge offers its visitors the discovery of a varied and rich tropical nature

Between an impressive mangrove, there is a park of many trees that protects the rare species and with an exuberant jungle, every moment you discover something new.

The existing balance between the vegetal world and the fauna offers an extraordinary biodiversity. An ideal observation site to admire at the bottom of the bay, the changing illuminations, an intensive tropical life where howling monkeys, sloths, multicolored butterflies, hummingbirds, where several species of parrots and toucans, vultures and many others coexist. This environment is a magic and dream place for photography fans.

Facing the bay, the jungle as a background, Eden Jungle Lodge offers a magnificent view. Indeed, thanks to its panoramic terrace, all observer may admire an exuberant nature with degradations of multiple greens and its brightly colored spotlights enriched with monocotyledonous plants, ornamental gingers and their many varieties of heliconias and hibiscus

In this exotic environment, our site offers the visitor the possibility to admire the fauna which inhabits here and it is surprising the flight of parrots with shaking (3 recorded species), the hummingbird that comes to draw the flower of hibiscus among numerous butterflies or the toucan that comes directly from the jungle with its particular cry. With luck, you can also observe the herd of howler monkeys that come to perch in the numerous trees that surround us.

Our project

  • To preserve and keep this site, preserving its biodiversity.
  • To convert this property in an agrarian development with the planting of various crops such as banana, plantain, peanut, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit and to continue with the production of fruit trees such as lemon, orange, mango, India nut, guava, coconut… etc.
  • The planting of cocoa trees not developed for 15 years.
  • To give access to the jungle, but preserving its equilibrium.
  • To share our experience of life in this particular environment.
  • To announce, thanks to our blog, the different botanical, agrarian, maritime and human experiences.