Eden Jungle Lodge


At the place

  • Bath and snorkeling – easy access to dock with observation of site crags
  • Discovering of the bay in Kayak Canoe of one and two spaces admiring the colored bottoms with its fauna the closest to the mangrove.
  • “Teuf teuf” ride, small motor fishing boat.
  • Visit to the islands on sailboat with the possibility of stop with the purpose to enjoy the beaches and taste lobster…

Daily tours

Bocas del Toro Archipelago with 9 main islands, 51 beaches and 200 islets, offers multiple charming places to be discovered where you may bathe, have a good time, have lunch at the beach, do snorkeling and take sun baths.

Will have the pleasure to accompany you to one of the sites of your choosing and will go through the dolphin bay which may greet you upon appearance.

  • Red Frog located at the north of the Bastimentos Islands has a wild beach with numerous live-giving waves.
  • Zapatillas Cay, two islands located on a coral platform.
  • Boca del Drago, contrary to Bocas city, offers a pleasant beach to bathe.
  • Carenero Island facing Bocas with its beaches and its surf spots.

This offer is not exhaustive, it adapts to what you wish to discover.