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Eden Jungle Lodge


The official currency is balboa with fixed parity with the American Dollar. Balboa does not exist in bank bill, dollars are used here. You may find a cashier in Bocas and another in Almirante. As credit cards are not accepted, we recommend you organize yourself before. The rooms are paid upon arrival and the extras upon leaving.
Upon being on the island, transportation is made, of course on the boat. Upon being located 30-40 minutes of Boas (Colon Island has an airport) and Almirante (on firm land), we can look for and accompany you, but you may also reach up to where we are by your own means (Local Taxiboat). 
The essential clothing to carry in your luggage is certainly light clothing, but must think, likewise, to fluid pants and long sleeve t-shirts for trips in meeting or meetings in the terrace to avoid local inconveniences (“sandflies”) mosquitos, mainly present at sunrise and sunset). Likewise, to think on boots and socks for the jungle, knowing that we also offer. A classic almond oil cake or much better, a dry oil (more pleasant) may be likewise much more effective than classic repellents. And, of course, caps and hats are essential!
For excellent observation of the environment, do not forget your binoculars if you have and the photo camera souvenirs.
We indicate to fans to remain connected, that the access to Wifi network is possible around the room but is not constant always.
We inform you that are not alone in this adventure: our cat Tara have discovered  this new environment with us. Bahia  joined us on the way and the last one

Chanelle that we discovered one morning at our door. 

Concerned by the comfort and security, we do not accept to take food to the rooms.